MBA After MBBS – A Lucrative Path

You might have always heard – “an MBA degree can boost your career”. However, can it be done after any bachelor’s course? Typically, an MBA is considered a professional degree pursued by business aspirants or individuals aspiring for a management job. Lately, the management degree has paved its path after a professional bachelor’s degree, such as B.Tech, LL.B., etc.

What if I say MBA after obtaining an MBBS degree can be beneficial for your career path? Yes, you read that right; you can pursue an MBA after MBBS. Nobody would have ever given this combination a thought; doctors would join the race and make the competition more challenging. YES, it is a killer combination. MBA after MBBS is gaining popularity among students from all across the world.

An MBA degree can help you get a job as a hospital manager or help setting up your hospital. Several universities also offer MBA course specialising in Hospital Administrator, Hospital and Care Management, etc.

Why MBA After MBBS?

A significant chunk of the MBBS graduates goes for a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Master of Surgery (MS). Graduates who wish to get an edge over the crowd can go for an MBA degree programme after MBBS. Doctors can open doors to several opportunities via an MBA degree after MBBS to advance their career in medicine. MBA degree specialising in a domain can help provide an exhaustive guide to understanding the process of establishing a hospital or a clinic. Managing an entire hospital becomes easy once you complete an MBA degree after MBBS.

Advantages Of Associating MBA with MBBS

MBA with MBBS might still sound irrelevant to you. However, education in any form is an investment until you are alive. Undoubtedly, an MBA will add up. Right? But you must have some added benefits when you consider a course. I have jotted down the advantages of doing an MBA after MBBS.

  1. MBA after an MBBS will save you from competing in a highly competitive field of medicine.
  2. MBA after MBBS shall provide a different set of career opportunities and open doors to some new jobs available in medicine.
  3. Due to less competition, the professional’s demand can lead to a higher pay package in the field.
  4. It will permit you to get an edge over other MBBS graduates.
  5. MBA after MBBS can provide you with a chance of a much bigger influential personality in the field.
  6. MBA after MBBS does not only help you to establish a hospital simply, but the knowledge to run one.

Career Fields After MBA with MBBS

Thankfully, we don’t live in the times where higher education was only specified for a particular course. Now you have the liberty to choose the course irrespective of the prior educational background at the bachelors level. While doing an MBA after MBBS, you will lead the path towards entrepreneurship in the field of medicine. You can have an exciting job profile and a higher earning capacity than other doctors who hold a PG degree. Some of the job profiles after an MBA programme are as follows.

  1. Fellow in Clinical analysis
  2. Hospital Administrator
  3. Emergency Specialist
  4. Hospital Manager
  5. Pharmaceutical Project Manager
  6. Health data Manager
  7. Healthcare advisor
  8. Medical Manager
  9. Medical Director
  10. Policy Analyst or scientist

Summing Up

As discussed, the benefits of pursuing an MBA degree after MBBS will have several options for upscaling your career. Alternatively, MBA admission in a specialised discipline related to medicine will fulfil your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and entering the noble profession.

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