Artificial Intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Affect Human Life?

Today, you can ask anything just by saying, “Okay, Google!” and your android device will reply to the question. You upload a group photo on Facebook and get suggestions to tag friends, isn’t it amazing? The question arises, “What is the technology behind these operations performed by a non-living thing?” It is Artificial Intelligence, a.k.a. AI. You can learn artificial intelligence by enrolling for a B Tech in Artificial Intelligence.

Admission into B.Tech in AI

Various jobs are now at risk due to the invention of AI technologies. Thus, one must consider learning AI to secure a career early and considering B.Tech after class 12th is one of the wise choices to make. BTech admission is made based on national and state-level examinations, including JEE, EAMCET, KCET, and KEAM.

Artificial Intelligence – Two sides of a coin

Technology is giving life the potential to flourish or to self-destruct. This applies to Artificial Intelligence too. The primary purpose of AI is to provide machines with the power to outperform us at every cognitive task. However, artificial intelligence has not reached the desired spot of meeting the broader functions performed by humans. But the basic tasks including face recognition, internet searches, chess-playing computers, self-driving cars and more. However, the long term goal of researchers includes creating strong AI.

So far, AI has been beneficial to people around the globe. Lately, humans’ tasks are shifting over smart AI devices, which might impact humans’ importance. However, the development of strong AI is still a question mark. What will happen if the AI system becomes better than humans at all cognitive tasks? However, it will be revolutionary, talking about the flipside again, what will happen to the jobs of humans who performed similar tasks?

Alternatively, artificial intelligence can act as autonomous weapons which are programmed to kill. AI, when in the wrong hands, could easily cause mass destruction. Many TV series have been able to fictionalise the scenario. Sometimes, smart speakers cannot perform the desired task; self-driving cars also come across accidents when AI technology fails.

However, the focus should be on AI research, as artificial intelligence can become more intelligent than any human. We have no certainty to predict how future AI will behave when performing tasks in sync with humans.


The best way to be safe in the evolving technology is to become the one needed in the evolution process. Thus, pursuing a B.Tech course in AI is what is recommended. Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing sectors. AI is expanding in many sectors, including transport, healthcare, security, entertainment, etc. Due to such growth potential, multiple industries will require skilled AI professionals’ expertise, becoming one can save you from the destruction caused by Artificial Intelligence in the long run.